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Photos from 2001

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Needless to say, Liralyn enjoyed Chrismas.

Yay, presents! Wheee! Yay!

She even stayed awake for the Larke family portrait.

If only they'd just stand still

I put away the camera when dinner was served, so this was the only picture I got of Liralyn with anyone else during our family Thanksgiving.


With all those years of practice on Kim, Julie has no trouble making Liralyn crack up. (November 2001)

Don't laugh!

The very picture of concentration. (November 2001)


Liralyn and Shelley enjoyed the chance to see one another again. (Taken November 2001.)

Liralyn and Shelley

Liralyn's Halloween costume was a big success.

Ladybug What a nice mask

Liralyn relaxes for a minute before going to Melissa and Steve's Michigan wedding reception.

Liralyn in her party dress

Same outfit, but for some reason in this pose she reminds of Aunt Sa. If anyone can figure out why, let me know.

through the empty glass

Liralyn shows Mommy and Daddy her new dance.

Liralyn dancing

Liralyn had great fun at the Chelsea County Fair.

Liralyn drives a
car Liralyn on
the merry-go-round

Daddies do not always understand the need to avoid interrupting an artist.

Liralyn at

At the local air show, Liralyn got to sit in a mock cockpit and play pilot for a while.

Liralyn playing

Liralyn's birthday party featured a parade...

leads the parade

And a pinata...

smacks the pinata

And by the time she finished opening her presents, she was totally exhausted.

Liralyn's worn

Liralyn really surprised Melissa with her angry face. (Taken June 2001)

Liralyn scaring Melissa

Any time someone will turn her upsidedown, it's fun for sure. (Taken June 2001)

Melissa holding Liralyn upside down.

Hey, it's a funny book. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn and Mommy laughing

Liralyn: An American Icon. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn with a flag

A sort of great-grandma Julia moment. (Taken May 2001)

looking very goofy

You knew she was cute, smart, and funny... but did you know she knew kung-fu? (Taken May 2001)

showing her kung-fu grip

Swimming is Liralyn's new passion. (Taken May 2001)

swimming Liralyn
swimming Liralyn

A not-uncommon reaction to Grandpa Dick's jokes. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn hiding her head

While Mommy yells, "Hi Daddy," Liralyn wonders when we'll get to the good part. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn on Mommy's shoulders

I'd like to play with you, Daddy, but modesty forbids. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn holding a blanket in front of herself.

He shoots... he scores! And the Liralyn goes wild! (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn with her arms in the air

I feel a little bad about cutting off part of the shot, but if you can do a better of a photographing a rope-jumping toddler at close range while trying not to be hit, I'll pay for lessons. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn jumping rope

It's summertime, and that means trips to the park, and trips to the park mean.... dirt! (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn sitting in the dirt

It took me three different trips to the park to get this shot, and in the end Mommy had to hold her in place. Once I thought of it, I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. (Taken May 2001)

Liralyn and Mommy in the tunnel

To celebrate Easter (we're not Christian, but we celebrate Easter in the usual secular American way), we had a picnic in the park with Grandpa Dick and Grandma Diney. Liralyn had huge fun. (April 2001)

Liralyn on a swing. Liralyn swinging very high. Liralyn standing on one leg and shouting. Liralyn on a slide. Liralyn playing in a sandbox.

I still remember when she couldn't walk without holding on to something. Now walking is so easy that she has to find ways to make in interesting again. (Taken March 2001)

Liralyn walking in Daddy's boots.

I don't even know what to say about this one. Except that I'm embarassed that I cut off her butt. On the other hand, can you blame me for being distracted?

Liralyn standing on her head.

There's nothing like a good nap. (March 2001)

Liralyn taking a nap.

We spent quite a while today trying on new dresses. And a quilt. A quilt is like a dress, right? (March 2001)

Liralyn in a purple dress. Liralyn in her flower dress. Liralyn likes modeling. You try to talk her out of it! She liked the changing clothes part

Liralyn loves it when Mommy lifts her way up high. (Taken February 2001)

Mommy lifting Liralyn up high

Dwinn gave her a Mrs Potato head for Christmas, and it was a big hit. (Taken February 2001)

Liralyn and Mrs Potato Head

Yay, Mommy's off the phone! (Taken February 2001)

Liralyn grinning hugely

Aunt Melissa's cat Cyrus moved to Arkansas with her, but Grandpa Dick found a substitute. (Taken January 2001)

Liralyn with Cyrus II

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