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The Quotable Liralyn

August 1, 2002:

"You know, Mom, building a house is much easier than being an octopus."

April 4, 2002:

Not a big word, but I was very surprised that she knew it and used it in this context:

Me: "Liralyn, are you making words up?"
Her: "I'm coining words, Daddy."

March 13, 2002:

"Everything needs to be just like I said it should."

You know, that's always been my idea too.

February 27, 2002:

Liralyn's been struggling lately with the subtleties of parent/child communication. Two examples for your enjoyment:

Mommy: "Liralyn, I'm not happy about all those little squares of paper on the floor."
Liralyn: "Well, Mommy, try not to think about it."


Mommy: "Liralyn, I don't want you to climb on the couch like that anymore."
Liralyn: "Well, maybe I can try again when you're not looking."

January 22, 2002:

Liralyn: "Daddy, when we get home, can you help my juice bottle anthropomorphize itself?"
Daddy: "How would that work? I thought you anthropomorphized things."
Liralyn: "No, it wants to pretend it's someone else."

January 10, 2002:

"I know where it is. I'm smarter than smart."

Sample web sites invented by Liralyn the same day:

November 28, 2001: (from the Neema files)

Mommy: "Liralyn, it is time to pick up your toys and go to bed."
Liralyn: "No! I'm not ready!:
"Liralyn, it is time for bed. Pick up your toys."
Liralyn, in a fit of anger, runs at her mother and hits her.
Julie picks her up and puts her in time-out.

A few minutes later, Liralyn is calm and Julie talks to her.
"I know you were angry, but people are not for hitting. When you are angry you have to use your words. What could you say next time you get angry?"
"Please may I hit you?"

An undated item that I found in my notes:

Liralyn: Mommy, are you going to get me some paper?
Mommy: Well, do you think that you should get it or that I should get it?
Liralyn: It should be you, because I'm being stubborn.

Medical Mystery

Liralyn is helping Neema stir the muffin batter. After a few seconds she stops and explains:

Liralyn: "I can't help anymore Neema. My radius and my ulna are too tired. They didn't get any sleep last night."
Neema: "Oh dear! Why not?"
"My stomach was sooo noisy it was keeping them awake!! It just growled and growled and made too much noise. My radius and ulna couldn't get any sleep! I did everything I could, but my stomach still made too much noise."
"What about your tibia and femur?"
"The noise didn't bother them. They got their sleep."
"Well, what about your phalanges?"
"They are tired too." (demonstrating limp fingers) "See?"
"Oh my! How are you going to hold your spoon at breakfast?"
"Well, they aren't that tired!"

October 22, 2001:

During practicing throwing the ball into Liralyn's basketball net:

"Liralyn, why do you get to throw all you want, but my turn only lasts two throws?"
"Fair? Don't worry about fair, Daddy. I'll be RIGHT."

August 26, 2001:

"What's that song about, Daddy?"
"Well, it's hard to explain what it's about, but it's asking, 'what do you love more than love?'"
"You know what I love more than love, Daddy?"
Liralyn pointed to her bowl. "Chicken soup."

August 23, 2001:

"What was that bump, Mommy?"
"The sidewalk decided to up a step, Liralyn, and I didn't see it in time to lift your stroller up."
"Mommy, you're anthropomorphizing the sidewalk!"

July 31, 2001:

"Mommy, I need to do this. Nobody bother me. I'll bother myself."

We cheated on this one by explaining the buzzword to her and using it throughout the previous weekend, but I still think it rocks.

"Would you like to go up and down, Mr. Yo-yo? Hey Mommy, I'm anthropomorphizing my yo-yo."

July 30, 2001:

"What do you have there, Liralyn?"
"I'm eating multicolored Rug Rats gummies, Daddy."
"Yes. I have green, and red, and yellow, and orange."

Father's Day 2001:

We were at Chili's, and Liralyn was playing waitress with the kids menu. Being my father's son, I had to make things a little hard on her.

"What do you want, Daddy?"
"I want one whole turkey."
"That's not on the menu, Daddy. You'll get a hamburger, and you'll like it."

From May 21, 2001:

"I don't want the dinosaurs to chase me."
"They can't chase you, Liralyn. Dinosaurs are all extinct."
"But they can chase skunks, right, Mommy?"
"Why can they chase skunks?"
"'Cause skunks are stinky!"

From May 13, 2001:

I happened to catch the Pearl Harbor movie trailer on TV, and went over to Julie and began to rant about it. The producers must think I'm stupid, I said, not to notice ships from the 1970s sitting there in dock while the Japanese dive bombers hit them. As I came to the conclusion of my tirade, I realized that Julie wasn't especially interested, so I said, "You think I'm stupid to care, don't you?"

Julie denied thinking any such thing, so Liralyn spoke up. "I think you're stupid, Daddy," she said.

From April 15, 2001:

On the drive home from day care today, Liralyn told her Mom she wanted to listen to Daddy music. Now, this was a mystery to Jules, because Liralyn and I don't listen to music together much. Every once in a while she asks to hear "Donkey Riding" or "The Little Beggarman" but today those weren't making Liralyn happy. So Julie turned on the radio and went in search of Daddy music. She found YYZ. Liralyn liked YYZ and asked Mommy to turn it up. In fact, she kept asking Mommy to turn it up until the radio was pegged. Then she started head-banging. Seriously.

From Marc 13, 2001:

We were on our fourth round of hide and seek, if you can call it that. (She rarely actually runs to hide when it's her turn, and she peeks when she counts.) When she was done counting, she sort of looked around and then went to sit on the couch. After a couple of minutes during which she'd done nothing but watch TV, I got up to sit with her. As I approached, she spun to look at me and yelled, "found you!"

From Dec 24, 2000:

"Liralyn," Vicki said, "could you give me one of those rice chex?"
Liralyn looked puzzled.
Vicki pointed. "They're in the bowl right there."
"No, Vicki," Liralyn said, "the checks are in the mail."

From Dec 11, 2000:

"Neema, you need to change my diaper, please. I'm stinking up the joint."

From November 10, 2000:

"Liralyn, what are you doing back there?"
"I'm <muffle muffle>."
"I'm working on my enemies, Daddy."
"You have enemies? How did that happen?"
"Enemies are different. You can't talk to them."
"Really? Wow. Who are your enemies?"
<child ignores me>
"Liralyn? Who are your enemies?"
"M&Ms are your enemies?"
"Yessss. I eat them all up. In my mouth."
<beat> "Well, I suppose that's one good way to deal with enemies..."

From October 10, 2000:

"How about if I pick Liralyn up and hold her upside down?"
"I don't think that would be a very good idea, Daddy. It's a BAD idea."

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